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About me

In 2018 I started a process of new Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan grounded in neuroscience to ensure the social and emotional wellbeing of learners in the International School of Helsinki, before that I empowered the learners of the International School of Estonia. In 2012 to 2018 I have had the honor to empower 30+ visits to different schools around the world for pedagogical and innovative learning incentives. NOW I strive to give some of those experiences and insights back to the community of education.


I currently lead one of the most progressive schools in the world of education, the International School of Helsinki. My work began there with facilitating a future-focused new Mission, Vision and Strategic Plan to identify the community’s values into action. It wasn’t the first time that I took the bull by the horns. Unlike many schools and organizations that bring in consultants for this work, I believe it is the Head of an organization who must lead this process to ensure deep understanding of what your community or clients need to stay relevant. Most leaders have little to no training in this type of work.

In fact, most leadership training misses many of the key skills to inspire and enact real change. It is a dance of steps of power and empowerment, guidance and autonomy, inspiration and creativity. I am excited to share with you my experience leading schools, chairing Boards, coaching executives, building teams, and creating leadership capacity of everyone that surrounds you in your life.