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The relationship you have with your community is dependent on your ability to lead others in taking care of themselves and each other. What does that really mean though?

For your community is about fostering effective work practices where employees are valued and are encouraged to make healthy choices. It is also about compassion to others who are struggling and we all have times in our lives when we struggle due to numerous reasons such as grief, health concerns, aging, being in a marginalized community, supporting children or elderly family members, etc. Will you be a source of comfort when someone in your community is hurting. I remember once when my grandmother died that my supervisor wrote me a short ,handwritten note that truly touched me and created a greater source of trust between us. Are you leading or managing?

This is also about yourself. How you take care of yourself is noticed by others. Are you inspiring others with your habits of mind and body? Are you able to project calm in a crisis? All you actions and reactions are noticed and when you can live “wellness,”you can inspire and help others. I am ready to help set up a school or corporate program that helps your leadership in promoting a wonderful, caring working environment.


Women are often asked the “work-life” balance question repeatedly and insinuates that in fact we “can’t keep it together.” Let’s change the dialogue about this in our work places. Balance is better redirected towards being effective with our time towards others while protecting ourselves. There is an ebb and flow of balance in any given day by continuous choices we are confronted with. Let’s reduce choice and build habit together.


Are you trying to get on the right track, again? I am ready to give solid, scientific advice about diet, fitnesss, self-management and efficacy. It’s not about someone yelling at you at the gym although we often believe this approach will make change. Instead, let’s look at every detail of your daily life and find the changes that work for you.

Body sculpting.

When I turned 50, I promised myself that I would stand on a bodybuilding stage and be at peak fitness. In June 2019, I did just that but also become a certified bodybuilding/ body sculpting coach along the way. I specialize in working with older adults who have lost faith that they can regain strength, bone health and build habits that support exceptional aging. Whether you just want to lose a few kilos or be ready for the decade ahead, I know the strategies that work and helped many achieve astounding results. Let’s chat!